In the Game of the Goose, your goal is to be the first player to reach the final square, number 90, by rolling two dice.

This is a quarantine game: it is best played while skyping or whatsapping with your opponents. Also keep in mind that this is not a videogame with multiplayer features, but a board game which you can play at a distance: most of the fun is the interaction with the people at the other end of the line.

The virtual board

The virtual board allows you to move around the track by dragging and dropping your pawn, as well as to see the moves of your opponents.

You can roll the dice by pressing the "Roll" button. Your opponents will see the result of your roll.

If you close the browser tab, your position will be reset. If you do it by mistake, however, just open it again and ask your friends to remind you where you were. You can move there manually and resume the game.

How to play

The players roll the dice to determine who will move first. He or she who throws the highest value is the first.

In each turn, you roll the dice and move ahead according to the throw. If you land in a square with a goose, you move ahead again by the same distance.

In order to win, you need to land exactly on square 90. If your throw exceeds square 90, you will "bounce back" by the remaining distance. For example, if you are on square 87 and you throw a 4, eventually you will land on square 89. If you land on a goose while moving backwards, you will have to move further back by the same distance. For example, if you are on square 87 and you throw a 5, you will land on square 83.

If you are on a square with number 82 or higher, roll just one die: only consider the result of the first die.

Furthermore, squares with pictures have special properties. You don't need to read the following rules right now. But if you land on a square with a picture, use this reference:

2: The turtle Slow and steady wins the race! Jump to square 12.

6: The bridge Because you don't have any money, you skip one turn to discuss with the bridge keeper.

13: The car Pedal to the metal! Jump to square 20.

15: The sloth Yawn... Let's sleep for one turn...

19: The inn Oh no, you drank too much last night! You skip three turns.

24: The jester Tell a joke. If you can't, you go back to square 20.

31: The jail What did you do? You need to throw a double value (1+1, 2+2 etc.) to get out. You can roll the dice once per turn. If you can't throw a double value, when you fail the third time the guards will have mercy and let you go.

40: The aeroplane! You flyyyyy to square 50.

43: Pit-stop Changing your tires, refuelling... if all your opponents are behind you, you can't move until at least one of them catches up. Else, you skip a turn.

51: The bicycle Jump to square 53. If you sing the refrain of Bicycle race by the Queen ("I want to ride my bicycle etc."), you can jump to square 55.

57: Death Back to square 1.

65: Karma You can choose: either you roll the dice and go back, or one opponent of your choice throws the dice and goes forward.

71: The hot air balloon The wind is treacherous... roll the dice: you go ahead by that distance, unless you rolled a double value (1+1, 2+2 etc.): in this case, you go back by that distance.

82: Final sprint! Roll just one dice when you are in a square between 82 and 89 inclusive: only consider the result of the first die.

85: The shrimp Go back five steps.